Kennedy Yanko literally commits her body and soul to her art. Her athletic and performative background is derived from a combination of chi gong/yoga, professional bikini body building, and philosophically based austerities from off Broadway, avant-garde, political theatre. During her 4 year residency in the lower east side at the living theatre kennedy began to understand her connection and process as a physical and sensory artist. "Everything I do in life is about creation and evolution" - painting since before she can even remember, her abstract expressionist style is continually morphing, currently manifesting as 3 dimensional rubber sculptures. Because of her raw energy and strong physique she is able to caress the paint all the while manipulating her medium through a mesmerizing, ritualistic dance between art and artist. To witness the process is an experience that is personal, raw and unabashedly thrilling. Her future projects are investigations in robotic technology and our sensory experience toward sound and environment. She is based in New York City.