Daniel Hibbert, a Lansing, MI native living in Brooklyn, is a contemporary artist who translates the rich rhythms, harmonies, and lyrics of music into vivid visual expressions.  A devoted music enthusiast, Hibbert’s creative process is entirely authentic as he only creates to songs which profoundly inspire him. Upon hearing a song that moves him, he begins to masterfully translate song-inspired moods and feelings into montages of color followed by images.  Color always precedes imagery.  As he creates, Hibbert often records the full process on a camera and then time-lapses the footage accompanied with the song that inspired the new piece.  This unique form of expression allows the viewer to participate in his creative process by listening to the inspiration for the piece while watching its creation.  He believes art should be experienced, not just observed.

Hibbert has always been interested in both art and music and has explored expression in both forms.  He pursued art in high school and had aspirations of becoming a professional artist, but upon entering college, completely walked away from the craft.  Eight years later and living in New York, he was reunited with his craft after receiving an acrylic set as a birthday gift from a close and insightful friend.  He began painting again and soon found that life  had introduced deeper emotions and greater creativity into his art.  An engineer by training, Hibbert uses art to break away from the boundaries and limitations of everyday life.  He finds cubism to be the most natural form of expression because of its unconventional use of space.

Deemed by some as an “urban cubist”, Hibbert draws inspiration from pop-art, graffiti, neo-expressionism, and cubism as well as hip-hop, jazz, rock, and funk music.  His works include a variety of media but primarily acrylic and spray paint on canvas.  Hibbert has participated in live shows in Manhattan and has pieces in Chicago, Washington D.C., New Jersey, and Nashville.  He earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee State University and has a background in Finance and Operations.