Anthony Mosley is known as a professional skateboarder/Music Artist as well as an entrepreneur who has accumulated a net worth of $10 million dollars. He was born July 28, 1982 to Anthony "Daff" Mosley & Jemeker Mosley Thompson in Los Angeles, CA. After loosing both parents by the age of 12 - his father murdered and mother incarcerated for becoming "The Biggest Cocaine Queen Pin In The World" - Anthony went on to live with his grandmother at Phillips Ranch in Pomona, CA where she helped care & guide him from then on. At 4 years old Anthony was handed his first skateboard by the late great "Robin Harris" creator of "Bebe's Kids". He began skateboarding at the age of 13 after trading his pager for his karate sensei's skateboard, and Anthony hasn't put it down since.

Despite the many distractions around him, Anthony remained focused and sports became his outlet. Skating was his passion. He practiced morning to night, quickly advancing and developing his own style. He decided to start his pro-skating career at 16 after convincing his grandmother to loan him enough money to travel to what would be his first skateboard competition at the Tampa Am in Florida. Surprising everyone, Anthony took 2nd Place out of 250 pro-skaters. With his earnings he bought his grandmother a new car. He has been winning competitions ever since.

Billabong became his first sponsor, since then he has gained such sponsors as Shorty's, Baker, Bootleg, Ghetto Child Wheels, DVS Shoes, Krew Clothing, Black Magic Grip Tape, Nixon Watches, Active, Ride Shop, Emerica, Thunder, Black Panther Bearings, and Black Sheep Shoes.

Anthony is known for his showmanship and unique style, and for his entrepreneurial en-devours. In addition to his busy skateboarding schedule, he has partnered with a major music production company to debut (release) his album (coming soon). He also collaborated with Black Sheep to create a line of skate-wear, and a popular shoe line under the Black Sheep label. He later sold his share of the label, and used a portion of the profits to found Krew clothing as well as the worldwide "Be Cool" skating clinics to pass on his knowledge and skill's while providing a fun, challenging, and constructive outlet for all kids.